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Ethics: Our Dedication To How We Do Business

“A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”

-Proverbs 22:1

The Six Pillars of Our Philosophy

The Client Above All Else

Not every investment fits every investor. We start with understanding the needs of the client. Thereafter, we devise an investment and/or management program that is customized pursuant to such needs. We never recommend boilerplate solutions because every client deserves the absolute best we can offer.

Professionalism At All Times

We act as representatives of our clients. As such, our actions reflect on them. We place the highest priority on executing our services knowledgeably, diligently, reliably, and ethically. These standards are constant across all services and all clients; without regard to project type or account size.

Transparency Without Compromise

The books and records are always open to our clients. We never hide behind fine print or complicated language. We want our clients to understand exactly how their assets are being managed. This applies not only to financial records but to strategies and ideas as well. The client deserves to know what we are thinking, not just what we are doing.

Adapt Constantly to the Market

The market is changing continuously and it is our duty to know the market and act accordingly. We structure our operations such that we can react timely and effectively as market conditions evolve. Effective adaptation entails a willingness to act contrarily as the market approaches extremes and the patience to act only when the time is right.

Conservative With Capital; Aggressive With Execution

We aim to protect and increase the value of client assets. We never undertake a project that works only under aggressive assumptions. However, capital will never grow if it is never put to work. When an opportunity is spotted, it must be taken. We firmly believe that money should be spent where it is needed and we never cut corners. There is no benefit to saving a dime now if it costs a dollar later.

Sustainability and Responsibility to the Environment

Profit and total return are not the only metrics we seek to maximize. Sensitivity to the environment is always incorporated into our project development and management process. Applications of renewable energies and recyclable materials in conjunction with designs meant to reduce energy and material consumption result in projects that are efficient, responsible, and sustainable.

Creativity Creates Value

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”

-Albert Einstein.

The spark of creativity can separate the successful project from the disappointment. We avoid a formulaic approach to any assessment of real property potential and never try to squeeze a property into a preset vision. Our interest in real estate stems from our desire to unlock hidden potential and create something unique, not follow the crowd and eat only the “flavor of the month”. We rely on our experience, but we don’t limit ourselves to only what we have seen. Every project presents an opportunity to expand horizons. Staying flexible to and aware of the dynamics of an area, its people and its available space is the hallmark of creativity, and is the cornerstone of Lindom’s value creation philosophy.

Extreme Due Diligence
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“All for the want of a horseshoe nail”


The ultimate line of the fabled poem says it all. Carelessness in providing for the shoes of his horse resulted in the loss of a war. Real estate projects require that same level of attention to the details. No contingency is too small, no consideration too remote. This is the trademark of our due diligence process. We follow the details of projects from preliminary assessments of the opportunity, through the lengthy process of design, permits, financing, leasing, sales, marketing, construction, environmental assessments, public acceptance and many more issues. At no point in the project does Lindom lessen its commitment to careful analysis and rigorous questioning. This ongoing attention to every aspect of the project creates confidence, enhances opportunity, and provides investors the best possible protection for long-term risk management.

Honor Our Core Competencies
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“No man is an island entire of itself.”

-John Donne

We recognize the value of teamwork and collaboration. We honor our strengths, and use them to the advantage of our projects. But we also know how to reach out to others when a project needs expertise in areas outside of our corps competencies. Investors can be confident that ego will not interfere with an accurate assessment of projects’ needs, and a willingness to team with others who add value. We know we wont always have all the answers. But we know how to find them. Investors can count on the best of Lindom, and the best of others who supplement our strengths.

Capital Deployment For The Long Term
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“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

-Louis Pasteur

No one can guarantee the future, but what can be done is to plan for the likely events, and provide contingencies in the event that the future does not work out as originally anticipated. All of our strengths – creativity in assessments, attention to the details, reaching out to build on the talents of teams - allow us to plan, not only for the best use of capital in the likely future, but for flexibility in realizing capital appreciation and value growth in the event that things unfold in a less than likely way. We stay alert to the world in which our projects are functioning, and keep focused on maximizing value for the long term. The essence for how we plan for the times ahead lies not solely in predicting the future, but in knowing what to do when we get there.